Meet Reid

Reid is an artist based in Atlanta, where he was also born and raised. After finishing his degree at Georgia Tech and going into the technology sector, he continues to paint for a hobby and commissioned projects.

Growing up with a mother who was constantly drawing for her profession as an architect, I found myself wanting to follow in the same footsteps and would draw every chance I got. What initially started off as simply sketching my favorite characters and athletes, I began to really appreciate the level of focus and detail in the lines of great drawings. By the time I was in high school, I was given the opportunity to explore new mediums in various art classes and experiment with color theory.

Nowadays, I paint to not only exercise a part of my mind that I don’t typically get to during my normal workday, but also to continue to learn and develop as an aspiring artist. Where I once found satisfaction in the lines of great drawings, I now place emphasis on simplistic, yet effective brush-strokes.

To date, the subjects of my pieces have primarily been nature and pop-culture icons, but I hope to continue to explore new subjects, styles, and even mediums.

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Snow Buck
Modern Skulls
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