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It was during grad school after I had completed a degree in painting and a Master's in Art Therapy, that I began to understand on a deeper level, the healing that can take place through creating art.

I was inspired and I was walking a path I knew I wanted to be on.  

As each year passed, I found myself feeling more disconnected from my desire to create than I had ever felt before. 

I was introduced to polymer clay in January 2019 and decided to give it a try. I remember instantly feeling a sense of calm come over me as I kneaded and conditioned the clay. I began to experiment and play, and I instinctively fell back in love with being creative.  

Empower Clay Co. has become a passion project of mine with its name reflecting on how empowered this process has made me feel. Many styles have been named after inspiring women in my life who have supported me along the way. Women truly are stronger together, and I am so thankful for you all. 

Not only am I benefiting from the therapeutic healing of making art, but this business has helped me reconnect with an identity that I am proud of. Now, bold designs are intended to empower those who wear them to reflect on their own beautiful uniqueness. 


Speckled Luna Dangles
Clay and decorative finish sealed with resin. Hammered silver ring and surgical steel post. 2.5" long. Weight .3oz
Leia in Watercolor Verde
Clay with shimmer finish. surgical steel post. 2" long. Weight .2oz
Michelle in Faded Blue Jeans
Clay and surgical steel post. 2" long. Weight .2oz
Esther in Desert Fern
Hand painted detail on clay, sealed with resin. Surgical steel post. 2" long. Weight: .2oz
Cactus Flower in Marbled Peach
Clay and surgical steel post. 2" long, Weight .2oz
Jewelry Mix
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