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Corinne picked up a paintbrush at age 2 and never looked back. Her early-born interest for art quickly grew into a love for architecture. She graduated from Virginia Tech where she studied Interior Design and kick-started her career working for a hospitality architecture firm in NYC.

Inspired by her background in interior design and art, Corinne Victoria Design was born, offering custom art commissions, collections, and interior design services that find a way to connect the unique stories of people with physical places. Believing imperfection is beauty, Corinne expresses her style by exposing the process, structure, and strokes of each piece.

Corinne's 'Home' commission collection serves as a node to the beautiful meaning of home during this unprecedented time. Whether that be where you came from, where you are going, or where you are staying quarantined, these watercolor and ink paintings of your house are the best way to remind ourselves of all the memories built at home.


Cape House
New Orleans House
Shannon W. Shore House
DJ House
Erin K. House
Moose House
Lauren House
Tim W. House
Emily S. House
Emily C. Townhouse
Emma M. House
DC Skyline
San Diego Cityscape
Richmand Skyline
Nashville Skyline
Austin Skyline
Philly Skyline
Charlotte Cityscape
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